Parents Get Tattoos to Make Little Girl Feel Better About Her Birthmark

woman getting tattooParents of kids who are born with a little something different about them will often go to great lengths to ensure that their child doesn't feel uncomfortable or bad about themselves because of it. But one couple has taken their devotion to their daughter, born with a fiery, red birthmark that covers half her body, to another level. Tanya and Adam Phillips underwent hours-long tattooing so that their little girl, Honey-Rae, would never feel alone.


Knowing how cruel children and even adults, can be, the Phillipses decided to take the drastic step to ensure their daughter feels loved rather than different. 

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Though what the couple has done is definitely extreme, many moms put in the same position would probably do anything it takes to make their little one comfortable. 

Parents and siblings of children undergoing chemotherapy will often shave their heads as a show of support. Let's be honest: Hair grows back but the memory of your family going out of their way so you don't feel alone lasts a lifetime.

I once knew a mom who got an extremely short haircut after her young daughter was diagnosed with alopecia and was losing her hair. It made the little girl feel better to see that her mom didn't think hair was all that important and she wouldn't let it define her.

To a lesser degree, there are plenty of moms who've removed their contacts and gone back to wearing eyeglasses after their kids have gotten their first pair so they don't feel strange. 

As parents, we're often willing to do some unusual things to our own bodies to make our kids feel more comfortable in theirs. If getting a tattoo or severe haircut makes your child happy and confident, then it's a small price to pay. 

Have you ever done anything extreme to your appearance in support of your child? 

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