Mom Gives Birth to Rare Identical Triplets the Old-Fashioned Way (No Test Tubes Involved!)

identical tripletsA couple in Michigan, parents to two adorable boys, was "going for the girl" when they received the surprise of a lifetime. Lauren Whiteley and her husband, Mike, learned early in the pregnancy that they were expecting triplets. You'd think one would be a girl, right? Not in this case! You see, the triplets are identical -- a one in a million chance -- and they're all boys! 


What makes this situation all that more remarkable is that the Whiteleys didn't receive any help in the fertility department! Alexander, Nicholas, and Timothy were conceived the old-fashioned way.

Though Lauren didn't get her girl, she's thrilled with her new additions:

Someone told me, for the rest of your life you'll be surrounded by handsome men. So that's a good thing.

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Can you imagine how much mischief this identical trio can get into as they grow up? Remember the TV show Double Trouble or the Disney classic The Parent Trap? Now add one more look-alike to the act! 

But, seriously, as a mom, it's hard to keep a couple of kids' names straight, how could you manage it having five, three of whom look exactly the same? We bow down to Lauren just thinking about what's in store for her!

One question that's probably on the minds of all moms of same gender kids: Will she go for the girl yet again?

No way, the couple says. Pointing to those three identical boys should be the perfect comeback to anyone who asks the Whiteleys that question in the future!

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As a mom of three boys, a mom of five boys once told me, "If you're thinking about trying for the girl, put that thought out of your head right now!" 

But looking at those beautiful blue matching bundles of joy, you can't help but think the more the merrier, right? We wish the Whiteleys all the best!

Would you love to be the mom of identical twins or triplets or would you find it overwhelming? 


Image © kurhan/shutterstock

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