​The Truth About That 'Perfect' Mom Summed Up in One Honest Video


Between PTA bake sales and picking up sick kids from school, work/family "balance" is a joke for most moms, who barely scrape by... which is why you will laugh and nod watching a new short film starring Adrienne Moore (from Orange Is the New Black) titled "How We Do It," which illustrates just how hard parenting really is.


Check it out: 

This video was created by the Make It Work campaign, whose goal is to raise awareness about how families need and deserve more help -- in the form of affordable child care, paid leave, and other efforts. 

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What I love most about this video is how the parents present at this school potluck all hail from different backgrounds -- working women, stay-at-home moms, single dads... yet instead of honing in on their differences and engaging in the usual pissing contest about whose life is harder, Moore points out how they're all struggling for reasons that are bigger than all of they are... and that it it will take all of them to change the system. 

I completely agree with the video's message: no one has it easy, and we're all in this together. And I sure hope my next PTA potluck ends up half as fun as this one!

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Image via Make It Work/YouTube

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