A Measles Cartoon That Could Change Your Mind About Vaccines (VIDEO)


Measles is spreading, yet many anti-vax movement is still going strong (hello, measles parties). Might it be because the scientific facts about this virus aren't sinking in? Well, one German company called Kurzgesagt (which means "in a nutshell") has produced a five-minute cartoon about measles to drive home just how dangerous this disease is.


Check it out below:

Kurzgesagt has also done animated shorts to break down other complex topics like Ebola and fracking. But their latest masterpiece on measles could be their most important health service announcement yet.

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I, for one, have a whole new-found respect for measles after watching this video, which shows how this virus turns our own immune system against us, travels up to our brain, and generally wreaks havoc.

Best of all, this cartoon makes what might be a dry lecture from an infectious disease specialist into an easy-to-understand cartoon that's palatable to both moms AND kids. I could easily see some kid stumble across this video during his Saturday cartoon surfing and, as a result, tell their anti-vax parents "See mommy, look what measles can do... can I please go get vaccinated now?"

Here's to hoping a cartoon can move the anti-vax movement in a way that scientific lectures have failed to do so far.

What do you think of this video?


Image via Kurzgesagt/YouTube

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