​Mom Claims 3-Week-Old Baby Is Already Potty Trained

potty trained baby

Potty training is a triumph typically reserved for the toddler years... which is why moms may be intrigued by Katy Chatel, a single mom in New Hampshire who recently trumpeted in The Washington Post that she'd successfully potty trained her 3-week-old infant Jessey.


For your natural parenting neophytes, this practice is called "elimination communication" or EC, which Katy learned from a neighbor. At first, Katy just held her son over the toilet, but by 15 months, Jessey was sitting on the toilet himself -- saving her a bundle on diapers along the way. 

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EC is a topic that typically dredges up strong emotions in moms. Some get anxious, thinking "OMG, if this mom can potty train by three weeks why can't I?", while others blast it: "Babies peeing on the streets, gross! And totally impossible to achieve unless you watch your baby like a hawk every minute. Who has time for that?"

Well, I'm here to say: stop freaking out and fighting with each other! EC tends to divides moms, but why should it? It worked for Katy -- great. Doesn't work for you? No problem! There's no reason for moms to go to war or stress themselves out about it.

Potty training, like all things parenting, is a very personal, individual thing. Comparisons are bound to get you in trouble. So let's try to avoid getting sucked into a polarized argument about the "right" age or way to potty train and consider EC one more option among many and leave it at that, alright?

What parenting milestone stresses you out the most?


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