First Child Dies in 2015 Measles Outbreak

child with doctor and stethoscopeMonths after a massive outbreak, authorities have confirmed that an 18-month-old boy has died of measles. The toddler passed away in Berlin on Tuesday, after a country-wide outbreak that affected more than 570 people since October 2014.


The boy was not immunized against the viral infection and died on February 18. When doctors performen an autopsy, they discovered that the child had an unspecified medical condition. However, this independent condition was not fatal had it not been coupled with the measles.

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Though Germany has had many more reported cases of measles in recent months than the United States (there have been 154 cases reported in America), authorities are currently working on locating the source. They believe that it was originally spread though a child from Bosnia who was traveling to Germany. The infection spread and affected both adults and children, in one of the biggest outbreaks in the world.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all children are immunized with the MMR vaccine, which guards against measles, mumps, and rubella. It's given in two doses: once when a child is about 12 months old, and another when they're about four years old. And if administered, the vaccine is more than 95 percent effective.

And this news is sure to restart the conversation about vaccines and immunizations.

Are your children vaccinated against the measles?



Image via Panom Pensawang/shutterstock

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