​Fashion Designer Refuses to Kick Pregnant Models Off the Runway

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Pregnant women are rarely seen strutting down a fashion runway, yet clothing designer Alice Temperley’s fall 2015 London Fashion Week show featured not one, but two pregnant models. Jacquetta Wheeler wore a sequined gown and combat boots; Caroline Winberg a low-cut jumpsuit. How cool is that?


Temperley says she used these pregnant models in her runway show because they were representative of women in general. After all, she points out, lots of women get pregnant... and they deserve nice clothes, too!

In a fashion world where rail-thin models are still unfortunately the norm, I think Temperley's decision to show "normal" pregnant women on the runway is a step (or strut) in the right direction. Because one, pregnant women are beautiful -- and they can also be fashionable if given the chance to wear some decent clothes, rather than the drab maternity wear that's typically their only option.

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But this is a coup for pregnant women in a way that goes well beyond clothes: it shows a growing acceptance of pregnant women in the work force. In the past, most pregnant models probably didn't work once their bump started showing. But this says "See? I'm pregnant, and can still do my job, thank you very much." And that's good not only for models, but for pregnant women everywhere who don't want to feel pressured to throw in the towel on their careers just because a baby's on the way.

In any case, I hope more pregnant women follow in these models' footsteps.

What's the most surprising place you've seen pregnant women?


Image via Nata Sha/shutterstock

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