Mom Bans Daughter From Having Friends for Getting an 'F'

homework failTeaching kids the importance of good grades and school performance is a task on every parent's mind. But one Florida mom took her punishment too far when she allegedly tried to shame her young daughter into getting better grades.


Melany Joyce Alexander, 30, was arrested after allegedly beating her daughter with a metal-studded belt. She also sent her middle school-aged child to class with a handwritten T-shirt that shamed her for her poor performance and work.

Take a look at the front of the shirt:

And the back:

"I will do these things because I am failing due to my social life. Want to be my friend help me by not!!!"

Authorities deemed the shirt "excessive" and arrested Alexander. She has since posted bail, but the unconventional form of punishment continues to go viral.

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There's no doubt that school is important. But it's one thing to cut down on her extracurricular roles or after school activities to give her more time to study and bring her grades up, but cutting them off from any and all friends is just crossing the line. Making kids into social pariahs won't have a positive effect on school performance.

Cutting them off from friends after school or limiting the time they have to hang out is understandable. Banning them from speaking with or socializing with any classmates while in class is excessive.

And singling them out with message-loaded shirts like this won't help.

What do you think of the message?


Image via Matthew Benoit/shutterstock; Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

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