Talking to Your Baby in the Womb: Why You Should Do It

If you're one of those moms-to-be that likes to chat with your unborn baby in the grocery store aisle, we've got a brand-new comeback for all those confused looks you're getting, and it goes like this: "I'M BUILDING HER BRAIN!"


More specifically, you're building up your baby's auditory complex, which is the part of their brain in charge of hearing. Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston figured this out by studying the brains of 40 preemies born 15 weeks early. Half of the babies were played recordings of their mother's voices and heartbeats for a couple of hours a day, and the other half weren't.

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What they found was that in the babies who listened to their mother's voices, the brains showed much more development and growth in the hearing center of the brain.

This means that babies could be relying on the sounds of their mother's voices and heartbeats to grow. While this is obviously essential for all babies, it's especially important for preemies, who often have developmental and cognitive disabilities.

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So whether or not they can really understand that crazy story about Dad you just told them, or all your complaints about the size of your ankles, have faith that your yapping really is doing them good. Chit chat away, ladies ... your baby really does need it.

Have you been talking to your baby throughout your pregnancy?

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