Daycare Sends Mom Note Warning Her About 'Aggressive' 9-Month-Old

aggressive babySometimes babies can be real menaces -- like when they drop your smart phone in the toilet or vomit all over your dry clean only dress moments before you're due to leave for a wedding. Sure they might smile as your face crumples, but they never really mean any harm. Because, um, they're babies, which is why a note one mom received from her 9-month-old daughter's daycare provider in which the baby is referred to as "aggressive" is absolutely laughable!


Apparently, little Samantha was "playing roughly" with the other babies and the person who wrote the wacky missive below seems somewhat shocked that despite using a "firm voice" this infant wasn't falling into line. Imagine that!

daycare note

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The fact that this instructor thinks the parents are going to have better luck getting a baby to listen proves they're in the wrong profession. Any mom knows that if this child realizes her actions are getting a rise out of the folks in charge, chances are she's going right back for more! (At least that's how it worked in my house.) 

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And who's in control at this daycare center anyway? If little Samantha were truly a threat to her peers, perhaps she just needs to be separated from them for a bit. Or, maybe she could rough house with a stuffed animal and not be denied making important developmental milestones like "playing." Perhaps this instructor was new, but anyone with even the slightest bit of experience with babies would know it's extremely unlikely that this baby has bad intentions -- unless she's the next Chucky from Child's Play!

You have to wonder if a note like this will make these parents start looking around for a new daycare center. 

How would you handle receiving a similar note? 

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