Parents Freak Out When Confronted With Explaining Breastfeeding to Their Kids

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Breastfeeding, and especially breastfeeding in public, has caused much controversy lately, both among moms and the general public alike. But nursing moms in Massachusetts are fighting back after a play date place implemented a new breastfeeding policy.


Play Date Place in South Hadley told nursing moms that they can only breastfeed in a common area or use a cover while doing so in one of their specific play areas. And their reason?

The location's owner, Darlene Sattler told the 22News I-Team that she started the new policy after other parents complained because they don't breastfeed and don't feel ready to explain nursing to their children. Sattler says she started the new rule in an attempt to make everyone feel comfortable.

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Unfortunately, restricting breastfeeding is against state law.

And just like that, within minutes of announcing her new rule, Sattler reversed it after parents took to Facebook and the center to protest.

But while the center now no longer has restrictions on breastfeeding for all moms, the reason initially given is still worrisome.

Just because you can't personally find the words to explain breastfeeding to your child doesn't mean that other should be prohibited from doing so. It's a matter of saying that "the baby is eating lunch." Boom, done.

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But more important, if you can't have this conversation now, how will you have any, more important ones, later? How will you go about explaining "hey, don't touch that stove because it's hot!" or "look both ways before you cross the street because cars come from both directions!" if you're too scared to talk to your child?

Kids need us to be honest, forward, and willing and able to talk to them. Being terrified of even having the conversation won't get us anywhere.

How did you explain breastfeeding to your children?


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