Mom-to-Be Is Still 'Sword Swallowing' at 9 Months Pregnant (VIDEO)

pregnant woman sword swallowerHere's something you don't see every day. A Dallas woman is a stage performer and professional sword swallower who can swallow a real 14-inch steel sword. And as if that's not crazy enough, now, as she's getting ready to give birth to her first child, she's still swallowing swords at nine months pregnant.


Victoria Hernandez has been practicing the trick for more than two and a half years. Take a look at her work:

But apart from the morning sickness and swollen ankles, pregnancy has brought its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to her hobby.

"Pregnant women, all of our insides are pretty much pressed up, so I have to take that into consideration," she tells KTVR in Dallas, Texas. "And that’s why I have to use a shorter blade versus one that most people use. It basically is knowledge of the human body and what it really is capable of."

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She did also eat fire during her performances, but nixed that part once she got pregnant. As for the sword action? That's staying.

"It doesn’t interfere with the baby itself," she adds. "It’s mainly me and if I take the precautions for myself, everything will be fine. You have to take in your posture, into consideration the difference in weight from my belly."

Seriously, people, do not try this at home.

More than two years of training has led to this moment, and geez Louise, Mom is not letting pregnancy stop her. So kudos to her for staying awesome and brave.

Don't let anything change you, ladies. And that goes for pregnancy too.

Did you give up any special habits while pregnant?



Image via WTVR

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