​Principal Draws on Student's Head With Marker Because His Haircut Violates Dress Code

marker on student's head
When you send your children to school each morning, you'd liked to think that they'll be treated with respect, hopefully by their peers, but especially by administrators. So you can just imagine how infuriated mom Monica Esquivel of Plainview, Texas felt when she learned that her son Kobi's assistant principal applied marker to the boy's scalp to "fix" his "distracting" haircut.


Although the middle schooler has had the same style, known as the "comb over" which features a shaved side part, for the past five months, the assistant principal recently took it upon himself to fill in that line with a black marker. So just what was the reason behind his incredibly inappropriate action? Esquivel says administrators believed the style looked "gang-related" and violates the school's dress code, despite the fact that her son is not in a gang and typically wears khaki pants and nice shirts. 

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Even if this child had gang symbols carved into the side of his scalp, that still gives administrators no right to touch him. The first step should have been to notify his parents and then discuss a solution that works for both sides.

Many parents object to teachers and administrators touching their children at all -- beyond a public high-five or a pat on the back. What this assistant principal did is so far out of line, it's hard to even fathom.

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Not to mention ... as a mom, it drives me nuts when my kids doodle on their skin with markers for fun, I'd certainly never expect someone in authority to draw on my child, let alone his scalp, as a punishment. 

Check out the haircut:

How would you react if administrators used a marker on your child?


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