Dads Who Are 'Trying Pregnancy' for a Month Have No Idea What They're in For (VIDEO)

3 pregnant dads

If you've ever bemoaned how little men can sympathize with the experience of being pregnant, you may be surprised to hear that three dads in England are attempting to bridge that gap. Forty-something fathers Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins have chosen to wear 33-pound "baby bumps" 24/7 for a month (barring showers) to see what it's like, and document their highs and lows on the site Three Pregnant Dads.


Here's one video from the site to give you an idea of their ordeal: 

Aw, poor things: not only have their fake bellies turned them into targets for ridicule, but presented a range of other problems. For instance, the belly pressing on their bladder has them running to the bathroom non-stop. And finding a comfortable position to sleep? Impossible. 

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Fine, these "bellies" may be making these guys a little less comfortable. But let's not pretend that these guys are experiencing anything similar to what women go through -- not by far.

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Because let's face it: being pregnant is much more than just carrying a heavy load upfront for one month. It's nine months, thank you, filled morning sickness, a hormonal roller coaster and, of course, the birth -- the most excruciating part.

Thanks for the effort, guys, but you've got no clue what pregnancy is really like.

How much do you think men can understand what it's like to be pregnant?


Image via Three Pregnant Dads

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