Cutest Shoplifter Ever Tries to Steal 'Frozen' Elsa Doll (VIDEO)

little girl steals frozen doll

It's the craze that doesn't seem to end. Frozen first premiered in 2013, but the train is far from being let go. From countless music video covers to baby name influences (Elsa was one of 2014's biggest names on the rise), everyone wants a piece of the Disney flick. Especially its youngest viewers. Just take a look at this young aspiring princess, who attempts to shoplift a Frozen doll.


Dad says, very clearly, that he cannot afford the life-sized Elsa doll, but that doesn't persuade this little thief to return it back onto the shelf.

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She wants that doll and she wants it now. And getting it is as simple as dragging it across the Target store and straight out the door. And if you think anyone can can stop her on this spirited crusade, you better think again. Take a look at the little one's determination for some good laughs:

Better get out of her way, people. That doll is hers and she's taking it home. Right now.

And best of luck to Dad, who no doubt had a fun time prying it out of her Vulcan death grip.

How strong is the Frozen fever in your home?



 Image via Q News/YouTube

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