Theater Shows 'Fifty Shades' Instead of 'SpongeBob' to Unsuspecting Kids​ -- Oops!

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Imagine this: You're sitting with your child at a matinee movie, ready to take in some SpongeBob SquarePants humor when all of a sudden, you're met with the booming voice of Annie Lennox and the image of a shirtless Christian Grey on your screen. Frightening? Completely. But that's exactly what happened to parents when a movie theater accidentally screened Fifty Shades of Grey instead of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.


Kids and adults at MetroLux 14 theater in Loveland, Colorado got a nice surprise when the erotic film began playing instead of the beloved Nickelodeon cartoon.

Joe Jaramillo took his granddaughter to the 11:45 a.m. screening of the film, and tells The Coloradoan that "some [people] were moving pretty fast to get the kids out of the theater. The family sitting behind me said what I was thinking: 'Am I in the right theater?'"

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And, as the grandfather notes, it's not really the kids who got the joke. "It was the parents' reaction to it that was so funny," Jaramillo added.

But the theater quickly fixed its mistake and after just a few moments, the screen went black and trailer started playing. Yes, it was an accident. And yes, it was quickly fixed. And the president of the theater company even said that "there's no story here."

So do parents really have a right to be upset over this? Sure, if the film continued and we got to the R-rated moments, things might get a little dicey. But the problem was quickly fixed and good ol' SpongeBob soon appeared. Looks like no harm was really done in Loveland. Though, if there's any city where you'd like an accidental Fifty Shades screening, Loveland sure is perfect, no?

What would you have done if this happened in your theater?



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