Taking Kids to Your Hair Salon Is Rude & Dangerous: Leave Them Home!

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Until you have kids of your own, it's impossible to imagine how much your life will change. Things you used to do without thinking twice -- like booking a hair appointment, for example -- now take a ridiculous amount of thought. So I understand the frustration of the moms who are currently up in arms over what they feel is discrimination from hair salons, restaurants and other businesses who either outright ban kids or don't provide things like changing tables. But the thing is, every place can't, and shouldn't, be kid-friendly.


Now, don't get me wrong: As a mother of three, I of course believe that the majority of businesses do have a responsibility to accommodate patrons of all ages; this is particularly true of places where kids and/or their parents absolutely have to be (like hospitals and government buildings and libraries) and services kids and/or their parents absolutely have to use (like public transit). In those situations, things like a "no strollers allowed on elevators" policy or a cranky bus driver who won't let a kid swipe her Metro Card definitely do smack of discrimination, and parents have every right to complain. 

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But can, say, a hair salon that doesn't allow kids or a restaurant that doesn't have high chairs actually be accused of discrimination? No. Take the salon, for example, which has dangerous chemicals (hair dye, relaxers) and sharp scissors out in the open. From their perspective, having kids around isn't just potentially disruptive, it's dangerous!

No salon owner wants to get sued because a little kid got burned on a curling iron while her mom got a blow-out. Look, I totally get how much it sucks when you need a haircut and don't have anybody to watch your kids (if you could see my hair right now you'd know I really, really mean what I'm saying), but that's just part of the whole being a mom thing -- it's an endless series of sacrifices, big and small. Maybe find a family-friendly salon (they do exist!) or book back-to-back appointments with a mom friend so you can take turns watching each other's kids. (Or simply rock those split ends until you can find five freaking minutes to yourself, like me.)

Yes, it sucks that you can't just waltz into your favorite cafe with your toddler like you did back in your pre-kid days, but one thing I can promise you: This, too, shall pass. Even though it feels interminable at times, the phase when your kids are social pariahs is in fact pretty short. Before you know it you'll be back in the swing of getting your roots touched up every four weeks and grabbing a glass of wine at the bar on your way home (where a cranky teenager awaits you. Maybe have two glasses of wine!).

Do you think kid-unfriendly establishments are guilty of discrimination?


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