What You Eat During Pregnancy Could Give Your Kid a Heart Attack

pregnant womanMaintaining proper health during pregnancy is one of the biggest goals for a mom-to-be. It means keeping Mom healthy, and thereby making sure baby is getting all of the nutrients it needs. But, as the latest research shows, while the health of a baby is determined by the mother, it actually starts long before pregnancy.


In new research coming out of the University of Helsinki shows that children of obese mothers are more likely to develop heart problems, mood disorders, type 2 diabetes, and have a stroke in adulthood.

And that doesn't only apply to women who gain additional weight during pregnancy. In fact, women who were already obese, or had exceptional weight gain between pregnancies, were also likely to give birth to children who were at higher risk for health issues. 

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These results are coming from the Dorian consortium, which collected data on more than 13,000 people and tracked their health and weight information from the 1930s to today. And the results they found strongly point toward the need for healthier weight management.

Not only are children of obese mothers born with significant health risks, but these continue all throughout their lives and well into adulthood. In fact, they can still face these harsh cardiac and mood disorders even decades into the future.

Yet another reason to ensure that even if you're considering pregnancy in the future, it's time to start implementing healthy habits. And doing it now.

How did you maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy?



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