Formula-Feeding Moms Get Bad News in Safety Report

Feeding your baby formula? Better listen up. Researchers have found that bottle-fed babies have 7.5 times more arsenic in their urine than breast-fed babies. And since arsenic is, well, arsenic, this is alarming news for parents who use formula.


In the bottle-fed babes, the scientists from Dartmouth University found the arsenic came in part from the formula itself, but an even bigger contributor was the water mixed with the powder. In the United States, arsenic levels in public drinking water are monitored and limited, but there is no legal cap on the amount of arsenic that can be in private wells.

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Since babies are so much smaller than us, even a little arsenic can be really harmful. In adults, arsenic exposure can cause cancer and other diseases, but in babies it can be even worse. Arsenic has been associated with decreased birth weight, lower IQs, poor brain functioning, and possibly even death. So just because your water is safe for you to drink, doesn't mean it's safe for your baby.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce arsenic levels in your drinking water. The National Resources Defense Counsel advises parents be more diligent about filtering the water your baby consumes AND be better about changing your water filter (yeah, we all put it off too long).

What kind of water do you use with your baby's formula?


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