The Biggest Mistake Moms Make at Naptime

toddler boy nappingThink naptime is good for both mom and baby? Maybe not so much. New research published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood shows that naps for kids older than 2 years old are actually linked to poorer quality of sleep.


Sleep quality and length can contribute to energy, health, and let's face it, happiness. Naptime is a standard afternoon activity in fairly every household. Putting baby down for a little siesta gives a rest to not only the kiddos, but also the parents.

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But it's time to cut it off at 24 months.

According to the new research, by the time a toddler is 2, they are actually getting most of their sleep at nighttime. That means that those afternoon naps are doing more harm than good.

Those naps have a negative effect on the child's nighttime sleep quality, general behavior, and physical health. If a child takes a nap during the day, it actually then takes them longer to fall asleep at night and cuts down their nightly slumber time overall.

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So while Mom and Dad can start getting baby ready to skip naps, this also means big changes for schools. Many preschools and daycares have naptime built into the kids' daily schedules. Teachers plan for a short afternoon catnap, but it might be time to change those plans.

When did you stop naptime?


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