Your Shopping Receipt Could Be Hurting Your Unborn Baby

pregnant woman shoppingThinking of shopping while pregnant? Scientists have one major warning for you. While new purchases may be fun and all, you may want to skip the one accompanying addition: the receipt. Turns out, shopping receipts contain a chemical that is harmful to a developing fetus.


Researchers at the University of Calgary performed an experiment on zebrafish and found that the paper receipts contain a toxin (bisphenol A, or BPA) and a chemical (bispehnol S, or BPS) that can alter brain development in growing animals with even just a small amount. While, yes, the study was done on fish, the findings are so extreme and harmful that scientists are immediately calling for a "removal of all bisphenols from consumer merchandise."

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They also “suggest that pregnant mothers limit exposure to plastics and receipts,” a recommendation that is echoed by other researchers familiar with the power of the endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

Scientists have discussed the link between cash register receipts and BPA for years, but this latest science shows the direct effect on a developing fetus. The small presence of the chemical was found to cause increased neural cells that are linked to hyperactivity.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby's brain is still growing and extremely vulnerable to any negative effects. And the presence of BPA in even something as small and minute as a cash receipt could ultimately have a negative effect.

So happy news, pregnant women: here are more things to add to your "do not do while pregnant!" list. Joy!

How will you be avoiding BPA while pregnant?


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