​School Tells Girl She Can't Go to Dance Unless She Finds a Boyfriend


Kids these days ... are getting some seriously mixed messages! Like, on the one hand, we tell teens that instead of getting caught up in hormone-fueled romantic dramas, they should focus on getting good grades and developing their talents and doing whatever else it takes to become strong individuals -- and then we turn them away from a school Valentine's Day dance because they're NOT currently engaged in a hormone-fueled romantic drama. That's what happened to Utah high school senior Josee Stetich, anyway, and the worst part is that her school denies doing anything wrong.


Stetich and her two pals, fellow Bountiful High School students Mikayla Robertson and Shivani Lindmeir, didn't get asked to the couples-only "Sweethearts Dance" -- but in a totally commendable and empowered move, decided to dress up and go to the event anyway. After all, they paid for their tickets, and they didn't need no stinking dates to have a good time! Good for them, right? As the mother of a 13-year-old daughter, I'd be way proud of my girl and her friends if they did the same thing.

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Except, when the trio got to the dance, they were turned away at the door! Administrators said that Robertson and Lindmeir, who purchased their ticket together, could attend, as they were technically a "couple," but that Stetich would have to find either a guy or another friend to be allowed inside -- even if she paid the price of admission for two people. Or, in other words, no third wheels allowed.

The girls chose to leave (solidarity!), spending their evening touring a local chocolate factory instead (which, in my opinion, sounds like a lot more fun than some dance). But they're understandably perplexed by what happened -- and so am I! The school's assistant principal, Greg Wilkey, says the girls left voluntarily after asking for (and receiving) a refund and that "it was a very nice and uneventful dance" and what's the problem, everything's fine!!!

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OK, I added that last part, but the fact remains that school administration doesn't seem to want to look at the real issue here, which is not that a few girls missed out on a dance, but that they're sending a confusing, harmful message by holding a "couples only" dance in the first place. Sure, it's all very cutesy and Valentines-y, but I fail to see what good can come from pushing teens toward coupledom, however temporary.

Has Assistant Principal Wilkey even seen Teen Mom?! 

Do you think it's okay for schools to hold "couples only" dances?

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