Teacher Gives Kids Prescription Pill Bottles Full of Candy

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Hey, here's a good idea! You know how it's really, really hard to convince little ones that Mommy's and Daddy's prescription meds are off-limits, even though they look like candy? How 'bout let's put ACTUAL candy in a prescription bottle and see if they can't figure out the difference! Wait, no, that's actually a terrible idea -- but try telling that to the college professor who recently handed out amber pill bottles filled with M&M's to a bunch of little kids as treats. 


Of course the (unnamed) pharmacy technology professor from South Carolina's Horry Georgetown Technical College wasn't trying to play a criminally confusing prank on kids by giving away candy labeled as "happy pills" at a free event to promote her curriculum, but that's how local parents took it:

And who could blame moms and dads for freaking out?! As any parent knows, one of the trickiest things to teach little kids is the difference between what CAN go in their mouths and what CAN'T. This is tricky mostly because children are apparently born believing that EVERYTHING they get their grubby little paws on is deserving of a taste test, and also because so many, many non-edible and/or dangerous things look so very, very tempting. Prescription medication is one of the worst offenders; in fact, the number of kids being poisoned by adult medications is on the rise. 

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Scary stuff! So even though this was a mistake and hopefully didn't inspire any tots to go home and raid their parents' medicine cabinet in the hopes of finding chocolate (AND the college has since issued an apology), it's a mistake worth talking about -- because maybe if we talk about it, nobody will ever, EVER do something like this again. Can we make that happen, please??

Has your kid ever thought your medicine was candy? 


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