Pat Robertson Warns Moms Their Ultrasound Photos Will Attract Witches


Pregnancy is a beautiful, magical time and whatnot -- but the truth is, it can be pretty freaking terrifying, too. The average mom-to-be has millions of things to worry about: Will I be able to handle the pain of childbirth? Will my baby have all of his fingers and toes? Will a coven of witches cast an evil spell on my child, cursing him to be born in the form of a fire-breathing dragon? Yeah, you read that right. Because according to professional crazypants Pat Robertson, witches are totally after your unborn baby, and they're going to use that ultrasound pic you posted on Facebook to steal his eternal soul.


Yeeeeeaaaah. Of course no one expects anything sane to come out of the 873-year-old Robertson's mouth at this point (why start now?), but when the host of The 700 Club got an email from a viewer asking whether, from a “spiritual point of view,” there was a problem with her pregnant daughter posting an ultrasound picture on Facebook, his answer was even more profoundly insane than usual:

There are demons and there are evil people in the world. And you post a picture like that, and some cultist gets a hold of it or a coven and they begin muttering curses against an unborn child.

Riiiiight. Robertson then went on to add:

There are also flying monkeys in the world. They like to follow the witches around. And you post a picture like that, those monkeys are gonna start flapping their wings and making nests in the trees in your front yard.

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Okay, fine, he didn't actually say that last part. But he may as well have, because it's JUST AS INSANE as what he actually did say, which just proves my point, which is ... WHAAA?! Look, I have a hard time believing any non-crazy person would give anything Robertson says a second thought, but I absoutely hate to think there's some poor pregnant lady out there whose mom is calling her up giving her a hard time about posting an ultrasound pic on FB: "But Pat Robertson said WITCHES!" And probably this grandma-to-be is superstitious about everything else pregnancy-related too ("Get rid of your cat!" "Stop going to the gym!"). Gawd, like being preggers isn't stressful enough! 

Dear Pat Robertson: Shhhhh

What's the craziest thing someone ever made you worry about when you were pregnant?


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