7th Grader Forced to Cover Up Because Male Chaperon Thought She Was Too Sexy

Ugh. What is with schools unnecessarily cracking down on perceived dress code violations, and making young girls feel like they've done something wrong by wearing what most people consider to be very modest outfits? It happened again in Mt. Orab, Ohio, when seventh grader Ari Waters wore a "sexy" dress to her middle school's Valentine's Day dance.


Ari borrowed a yellow dress from her sister for the big dance, but was shocked to be asked by a male teacher at Mt. Orab Middle School to cover her arms.

"The yellow dress was just right for me. It fit me perfectly. It wasn't inappropriate," she said later. The teacher claimed that it violated the school's dress code policy of no tank-tops, but the dress was just sleeveless. Shoulders covered up! Plus the length was totally appropriate, and Ari all-around looked like a lovely young lady.

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Not according to the school's vice principal though. Ari was so embarrassed by being asked to cover up and put a coat on, she asked her mom to come get her from the dance. When Gina Waters arrived, she asked the vice principal what was wrong with her daughter's dress.

"I said what's wrong with her bare arms? And she said 'they are sexual objects' and I said whoa, wait a minute," she recalled.

Sex objects? Bare arms are sex objects? What the ...? Gina is afraid that her daughter is not only being torn down for being "too sexy," but also being taught that boys can't control themselves when faced with bare-armed girls.

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Ari said the comments didn't make her feel good at all. "I don't know how to describe it. I felt dirty and just really down and upset that she said that because through the whole night my friends were telling me, oh, your dress looks beautiful, you look so gorgeous today," she said.

Principal Sabrina Armstrong has denied that the vice principal called Ari's arms "sex objects," and maintains that she broke the dress code. "The district has looked into the situation and deemed them to be unfounded," she wrote in a statement.

"I understand why they're backing her. She's administrative staff and I understand that. But it did happen," Gina said. "These middle schoolers are 10 years of age up to 13. They're kids. They're not sexual objects. They're not sexual beings. That word should never have been used and it should never have been associated with an arm, with a limb."

Are these administrators really slut-shaming middle school girls for wearing sleeveless dresses? A 12-year-old has enough to feel awkward about already, does she really need to be embarrassed by her arms now too?

I say the school went way too far on this one, and now a young girl is left feeling shameful about her body and for showing too much skin. She's in seventh grade. Her arms are not sex objects, and she shouldn't have to cover them up in public.

Do you think the school went too far in this case?


Image via Local 12 News

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