​Mom Shares Kid's Parking Lot Conception Story on Live TV (VIDEO)

woman shares son's conception on TV Most people would agree that hockey fans are an excitable bunch. But one New York Islanders fan, Joy Rosen, took her enthusiasm to a new level. The season ticket holder, attending Monday night's game against the New York Rangers, shared that in 1982, her son was conceived in the parking lot of the Nassau Coliseum.


OMG! Can you imagine your mom giving out that information to anyone, least of all a reporter during a live broadcast? You might think that maybe your aunt or your mom's best friend may know when and where you were conceived, but you sure don't expect anyone with a television or a computer or even a mobile device to have access to that super-personal information! 

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At least, by our calculations, the son is approximately 32 years old, so hopefully he's having a good laugh about it and not horrified by her surprise revelation the way he might have been if he were a teenager. 

Or perhaps this is old news to him.

Maybe each year after he blows out his birthday candles, this mom tells him about the events that transpired "back in that parking lot" that brought him into existence. If so, we'd love to know what she says. We imagine it goes like this: "Seeing your dad wearing his Islander puffy finger just got me all hot!" Or, "Your father bought me a hot dog and a pretzel and you know how stadium food always gets me in the mood!" 

The Islanders were Stanley Cup champs that season, so it's understandable that this lady was probably in the mood to celebrate after watching her fave team skate its way to victory. Her choice of venue is definitely questionable, but, hey, who are we to judge? 

What have you told your kids about their conception?

Images via Sports EntertainmenTV/YouTube

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