Ultrasound Catches Baby's 'Thumbs Up' for Mom (PHOTO)

parents looking at ultrasoundOf course prenatal ultrasounds are meant to show us that everything is developing properly (and to give us a sneak peek at that gorgeous little face), but every now and then, we get an added bonus -- a smile, a fluttering of the eyelids, a tug at the umbilical cord. Or, like British couple Paul Schofield and Cheryl Stevenson, an undeniable sign that everything's on the right track: A thumb's up!


Cheryl and Paul, who also have an 18-month-old son, Cameron, were just about at the end of a 20-week ultrasound exam when nurses captured the shot (at which point everyone in the exam room reportedly burst out laughing). The as-yet-unnamed baby boy's skywards-pointing thumb must mean "he's having fun in there," said Cheryl.

Check it out:

thumb's up ultrasound

Adorable, right? Thing is though, maybe he really is having fun in there! Because it seems to me that sometimes, babies' behavior during their ultrasounds can serve as a shockingly accurate preview of their personalities. Sure, my opinion is based purely on anecdotal evidence, but take my daughter, who refused to budge during her 20-week scan ... and turned out to be one of the most stubborn people I've ever met!

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Or a friend of mine whose baby literally gave her ultrasound technician the finger ... and turned out to be the feistiest kid ever! My youngest son looked like he was pretending to be Tarzan in utero, the way he was swinging the umbilical cord around. He's only 3 months old, so I'm not sure what that means yet, but he does like to grab stuff a lot.

Anyway, if my theory is anywhere close to accurate, this mom and dad could have a very chill little dude to hang with in a few months!

Did your baby's ultrasound behavior predict his personality?


Images via © iStock.com/dexter_s; Manchester Evening News

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