4-Year-Old Drinks Glass of Wine & Gets Grandma in Trouble With the Law

glass wine

Aretha McAdoo was sipping a glass of wine while watching her 4-year-old granddaughter in Platte City, Missouri. McAdoo left the room momentarily, then returned to find her glass empty ... and her grandchild very drunk.


The grandmother called 911; a response team whisked the 4-year-old to a nearby hospital, where she was found to have a blood alcohol content of .159 -- nearly twice the legal driving limit. Grandma was arrested for child endangerment and could face up to a year in jail.

Talk about a sobering lesson for us all! Sure, one take-home message is if you're watching a toddler, don't drink -- or at least don't leave your drink within that little imp's reach for even one second. And this isn't just about alcohol, either. Unattended kids can get into all kinds of trouble in no time -- climbing book cases, poking at electrical sockets, messing with a cranky house cat, the possibilities for life-threatening accidents are endless.

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Still, it's hard to never take your eyes off your kid. Moms do have to go to the bathroom on occasion, so what are we supposed to do -- leave the bathroom door open? Drag them in there with us every time? 

I, for one, do leave my 4-year-old daughter alone for a few minutes to do my laundry downstairs, and I doubt I'll stop. Still, this incident does make me think I'll hurry it on up and breathe a sigh of relief every time I'm back and see she's still in one piece.

What's the longest, if at all, you'd leave your toddler alone in a room?


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