​Hospitals' New Plan to Avoid Baby Mix-Ups Sounds Annoying

hugs ankle bracelet

Imagine reaching for your newborn at the hospital and hearing a soft lullaby kick in ... or a blaring beeping sound. That's what's in store at a growing number of hospitals that are using the Hugs and Kisses hospital bands, the latest in hospital security that wards off the possibility of babies getting switched at birth and ending up with the wrong moms.


How it works: the infant's ankle bracelet and the mom's wristband are tuned to the same frequency, so when mom gets close to her baby, a few notes of a Brahms lullaby chirps from the bands. Or if the mom mistakenly picks up the wrong newborn -- since hey, they do often look alike -- the bands emit a beeping sound to alert moms to this mistake.

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Now, I get why hospitals want to do everything possible to avoid a horrible babies-switched-at-birth scenario ... but aren't the regular old wristbands on moms and babies enough? Moms can read, you know, so as long as there's something written on those bands to indicate all is legit, that's fine by me. And besides, those ankle and wrist bands look clunky and uncomfortable.

Last but not least, I wouldn't really want a soundtrack to kick in every time I held my baby. What if it woke the baby up, or startled him, or was just distracting to the mother/baby bonding process? Methinks this is a case of technology intruding where it's not needed; give me the old wristbands any day.

What do you think of these new wristbands?


Image via Innovative Medical Systems

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