Moms Warn 'Peppa Pig' Episode Is Sending Kids a Dangerous Message

peppa pig banned over spiders

Cartoons can be amusing, silly, and sometimes educational. But even when they're trying their hardest to impart a message, it's still probably best not to take them too seriously. Yet the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has gone ahead and banned an episode of children's show Peppa Pig over fears that the lovable cartoon swine might be giving out some bad information when it comes to the dangers of spiders.


Apparently Peppa, trying to tamp down fears of arachnids in the episode titled "Mister Skinnylegs", went so far as to suggest that "spiders are very, very small and can't hurt you." 

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Seems innocent enough, right? Well, not to some Australians, who are living among some pretty dangerous spiders. (And previously all I'd thought they had to fear were crocodiles, boxing kangaroos, and the return of The Wiggles.)

OMG, you guys, these are talking pigs for heaven's sake! Have you not heard them snorting, burping, and breaking wind like contestants at the Coney Island hot dog eating contest? Not everything that comes out of their adorable little cartoons mouths is going to be the gospel truth.

They're not real!

And if you're a parent who's leaving the job of informing your kids about potential dangers up to animated animals, that's scarier than any spider! Rather than ban the show, use it as a chance to talk about which insects and spiders are harmful and which ones are innocent. 

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Remember when certain sitcoms would test out those "very special episodes"? Despite good intentions, they just end up feeling creepy rather than cautionary. Even when Diff'rent Strokes' Arnold tried to warn us about stranger danger, it came off as bad TV rather than a teachable moment. And there's a reason for that.

Kids' shows are for entertainment, and relying on them as the sole form of instruction is just lazy parenting. 

What kids' show do you wish they'd take off the air?


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