Trip to the Dentist Ends Up Saving 11-Year-Old's Life

girl saved by dentist

Regular dental visits are a must for healthy teeth, but can a dentist save a child's life? That's the question everyone's wondering after hearing about Rachel Stroble, a dental hygienist in Edmond, Oklahoma, who noticed something strange about 11-year-old Journee Woodard when she came in for a routine checkup. 


Rachel noticed something was off not with Journee's teeth, but her eyes, which seemed yellow. She called over the dentist, Michael Chandler, who agreed it was abnormal, so they told the mom, who took Journee to the doctor.

Just days later, Journee underwent a nine-hour surgery to remove a grapefruit-sized tumor in her abdomen, as well as part of her pancreas, stomach, gall bladder, and intestine. It turns out that yellowing of the eyes was a sign of something seriously wrong!

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Currently Journee is recovering at the hospital, with her mom and dad by her side. The mom has called the dental office numerous times to give updates and express her gratitude, although the staff there modestly says they were just "doing their job." 

While not all dentists might be as vigilant as these ones, parents can all learn something from this story. Yellow eyes aren't just some random fluke but could be a sign of a serious health problem, so if you spot a yellowish tint in your kids' peepers, take note!

To read more about how Journee's doing and donate to help defray the family's medical costs, go to Journee's Journey.

Have you ever received life-saving health advice from a surprising person?


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