Dad Forces 10-Year-Old to Confess to Shoplifting ... on YouTube​


When one 10-year-old recently stole some fake nails from Walgreens, she had no idea dad was watching ... or what he'd make her do next. Irate, the father forced her to walk back into the store, confess to her crime, then buy the nails with the money she'd had in her pocket. Plus, he filmed the whole thing and posted it on YouTube.


Some viewers have applauded the dad's viral video as "parenting done right." Others, however, questioned his decision to humiliate his daughter on YouTube "for a few clicks and likes." Either way, he raises a bigger question for all parents: do we really need to broadcast all our kids' learning moments?

Back in the day, if our kids did something wrong -- shoplifted, kicked a playmate in the shins -- parents were often the sole witness. Then we played judge, meting out punishment as we saw fit, then moved on with our day.

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Only now, things are different: parents have the option of posting their kids' trespasses on Facebook, YouTube, or other outlets where an entire peanut gallery can weigh in with thumbs up/down, like/don't like, and plenty of suggestions on what that parent should have done differently.

In short, many moms and dads now enlist the whole world to be judge and jury on every little thing their totally normal kids do wrong ... which seems a little wrong in its own right. For one, the exposure could truly embarrass or even traumatize your kids. Two, it subtly undermines your authority as their parent. After all, isn't it enough to raise our own dang kids and call it a day? Why seek out the approval, admonishments, and opinions of others at all?

I, for one, find it hard enough to silence all the misgivings swirling around in my mind when I try to make decisions for my daughter. I don't need any more input from the Internet, thank you very much!

What do you think about parents who broadcast their kids' learning moments?


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