Teachers Give '50 Shades of Grey' Project to Class of Middle Schoolers

word search puzzle Parents in a Pennsylvania school district are fit to be tied after their middle school students were given word search puzzles based on the popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of GreyThe pre-teens spent a portion of their school day busily looking for words like "bondage," "submissive," "leather cuffs," and "spanking." Not exactly what you expect your kids to be doing when you kiss them good-bye in the morning, right? 


Whose idea was it to pass out these explicit puzzles? Though an investigation is underway, school officials have yet to say who's responsible.

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But that doesn't make it any easier for moms and dads who may now be in the awkward position of having to answer all sorts of questions they're not prepared for! 

Seriously, does any parent really want to be asked to define "fisting" while driving the carpool? Or how about, "Mom, can I have more chicken? And when you sit down, can you tell me all about sadism?"   

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You'd hope that most of these kids aren't familiar with the book, outside of having heard its title, so it seems only natural that they'd have questions. And if they don't come to you, chances are they're going to start looking up some things on the Internet that you'd probably prefer they didn't see.  

Also, you can imagine many curious middle schoolers flocking to their libraries and book stores to get their hands on a copy, can't you? Even the most forward-thinking parents would have to agree that this content is inappropriate for that age group. Kids are already bombarded with sexual images, let's not bring it into the classroom as well. 

Hopefully a field trip to see the film isn't next on this school's agenda. 

How would you feel if your child were given this puzzle?  

Image via Phillippa Willetts/Flickr

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