Mom Gives Birth Twice in Two Months

twins born in different years

Multiple births are fairly common these days, thanks to advancements in fertility treatments, but one set of twins born in Romania is incredibly unique. The girls were born two months apart ... in two separate years. (Unless you've just had a cup of coffee, that takes few moments to comprehend, doesn't it?) The first baby arrived in November, two months ahead of her due date, while her "younger" sister was born on schedule in January.


How is that even possible, you ask? Good question! Doctors determined that the twins grew and developed in separate pockets of their mom's placenta, which allowed them to be born at different times. (Who even knew the placenta had pockets? That's a new one on me!)

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How amazing is that?

Twins are inherently fascinating. No matter how old you are, you can't help but be mesmerized when you meet a set of identical twins. And how about those reports where twins can read each other's minds or feel one another's pain? (OK, maybe that part's not as much fun, but still, being a twin has to be pretty cool.)

What's especially nice about this pair is that even though they're twins, these sisters will be able to enjoy their own birthday celebrations two months apart, giving new meaning to "together but separate."

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You have to give this mom a lot of credit -- imagine giving birth twice within two months? Um, no thanks! But it's great that she was able to totally focus on her premature twin before her next one arrived. 

Do you know any twins born under any interesting or unique circumstances?


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