4-Month-Old With Measles May Have Infected 'Hundreds'​

kid with measles Yup, yet another baby has caught the measles: Mobius Loop, a 4-month-old living in Pasadena, California. And since he's too young to get the MMR vaccine -- which is typically administered at age 1 -- poor Mobius just had to suffer through it. Even worse, since Mobius was contagious for days before he showed symptoms, his parents estimate that he may have infected "hundreds" of others.


How it happened: more than a week ago, his mom, Ariel -- a registered nurse -- noticed a rash on her son's chest and head. Fearing measles, she and husband Christopher took him to a hospital through a back door and got him a blood test which confirmed her hunch.

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The Loops remained in quarantine for eight days, during which time their son's symptoms grew worse; every breath he took rattled. The parents believe they caught the virus in Disneyland in mid-January -- a full month after the original outbreak, but since then a second wave of people have reportedly contracted the disease there.

A family friend has posted the Loops' ordeal on Facebook, which has gone viral as a call to urge parents to vaccinate already, claiming, "This isn't a very personal choice. When you’re making this choice, you are putting others at risk." The Loops have also been forced to create a list of the places they've been and people they may have infected, which they estimate to be in the "hundreds." If you're a parent in Pasadena, beware!

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While I don't live anywhere near Pasadena, I'm still angry as all get-out about this. After all, measles was declared "eradicated" in 2000, before anti-vaxxers can along and messed things up.

What's more, as much as this situation is portrayed as a battle between parents who vaccinate and parents who don't, it's not that simple. There's a huge third party we all need to consider: kids who are too young to get the measles vaccine at all. No matter what choice their parents make, these kids are utterly defenseless. And all it takes is being in the same room as an infected kid who's not vaccinated to put their life in danger.

I hope one day it hits home for anti-vaxxers just how scary this outbreak is for families with young kids ... and that there's something they can do about it.

How has the measles outbreak affected you?


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