Teacher Tapes Kids' Feet to Floor to Keep Them From Fidgeting

teacher tapes kids to floorIn what can only be considered a cruel and inhuman "solution" to a common classroom challenge, a teacher in the Indianapolis Public School system reportedly taped her 8- and 9-year-old students' hands and feet to the floor as punishment for their inability to sit still. To make matters worse, the teacher, whose name the district won't confirm, then took pictures of the children in the humiliating poses. 


As you can imagine, the parents of the seven children who were victims of this utterly bizarre form of discipline are outraged. Ann Marie Havens, the mom of an 8-year-old boy with attention deficit disorder, explains what her son was forced to endure: 

He says that his hands were taped to his sides and his feet were taped to the floor somehow. Then (the teacher) took pictures and made fun of (them). (The teacher) took pictures is what's killing me, she took pictures.

These poor children! Let's face it: Kids are kids. By their nature they have ants in their pants. But we get it: It's difficult to maintain control in a classroom of fidgeting youngsters. But if you have to resort to these disturbing tactics, then, guess what, maybe this isn't the career for you! 

When you consider that students are down to a minimal amount of recess these days, especially in parts of the country that have been plagued with record amounts of snow, it's to be expected that they'll need to get their energy out somehow. 

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The district has confirmed that an investigation is underway and the teacher has been removed from the classroom.

We can't help but agree with Havens, who has some strong words for her son's teacher:

I do not want to see her come back to the school and I don't think she should be teaching again, just in case she tries to do this to somebody else's kids.

How would you react if this were your child's teacher?

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