Measles Parties: The New Way to Immunize Your Kids

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While most parents are scared to death of their kids catching measles right now, a few are deliberately exposing their kids to the virus by reportedly attending measles parties. Um, why? Well, if you're against vaccinating your kids, a measles party is a way for them to build up immunity the old-fashioned way: by actually getting this disease.


Excuse me?! As strange as this trend seems, measles parties were actually a thing ages ago before the measles vaccine was created in 1963. Chicken pox parties were also big before that vaccine was created in 1995. The logic was that these diseases were milder in kids than they were in adults, so better to hit 'em when they're young.

Well, I don't care if measles parties become the coolest, hippest thing ever; this is one party that my daughter won't be RSVPing to! Because let's face the facts: measles isn't just some bumps on your body. It's deadly. Two to three kids with measles die out of every 1,000 cases.

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And in spite of what the measles partiers may tell you, kids under the age of 5 are more likely to suffer measles complications than older kids (that said, the risks of complications also rise after 20 years of age too). Is it any wonder doctors are coming out to tell parents NOT to throw one of these shindigs?

What's more, these "parties" originally only existed because the vaccine did not, and once the vaccine arrived, most parents ditched those parties. Because let's face it: a measles vaccine is a far less dangerous way to immunize your kid, and I think it's borderline abusive for parents to deliberately expose their kid to this deadly disease when the rest of us are desperately trying to avoid it.

What do you think of measles parties?


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