Mom Gets Hassled for Breastfeeding ... In Her Own House

breastfeeding mom

It's bad enough that moms get hassled for breastfeeding in public ... but in her own home? While that might seem like safe territory, one construction worker in Gosport, England disagrees. After walking in on a nursing mom, Will Wallace commented on Facebook that she should have covered up.


Wallace's snide remarks began as a joke, saying he was happy he got a chance to ogle his customer's boob. Then he said this:

If common sense had prevailed they would have ensured her breast was safely wrapped up or she was in a feeding room I didn't have to enter. Pretty careless in my opinion but life is a learning curve, I doubt they will make the same mistake again.

Not surprisingly, moms in his town angrily pounced on Wallace, who defensively claimed the mom should have ensured her breasts were "wrapped up" when he entered the room. Then, for good measure, he called the boobs "saggy." Um, excuse me?!

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Wallace eventually apologized for his comments. Only moms are still steaming mad (myself included) that this guy felt he had a right to make such comments at all. I mean, seriously: this mom was in her own freakin' home. Her house, her rules. She shouldn't have to hide her breastfeeding from anybody -- from construction workers to relatives to the UPS guy for all we care!

And I can totally relate: when I first had my daughter and family would come by to visit, I considered hiding upstairs whenever she wanted to nurse, just to spare my more squeamish relatives from the sight of my boob. Only now do I realize how silly that is. Here I was, a new mom, trying to figure out breastfeeding, and in my own home. Why the heck would I care what anyone thought? If anyone was uncomfortable, they should have left the room -- not me.

Moms, don't make the same mistake I did and slink upstairs to your bedroom to nurse your baby -- even if you suspect it makes Grandpa Bob or cousin Jimmy uncomfortable. Because after all, if you can't comfortably breastfeed in your own home, then where can you?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable breastfeeding in your own home?


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