Biggest Baby Ever Born at Florida Hospital & It Was All Natural

baby on scale

While all moms are heroes for tackling the Herculean challenge of childbirth, one new mom named Maxxandra Ford in Tampa, Florida, deserves a special badge of courage. Why? Because her baby, Avery, weighed 14.1 pounds at birth. If that weren't impressive enough, he was delivered naturally. 


Oof! All we can say is give that mom a medal!

Most times, when babies are this ginormous, they're delivered by C-section, but hospital staff had majorly underestimated the baby's size in utero, guesstimating that he weighed around 10 pounds. Only after the birth on January 29 -- and 14 arduous hours of labor -- did they realize he was a much bigger bundle.

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The mom admits she spent her labor "cussing up a storm." Now, at least, she's laughing about it, so she wins extra points for a sense of humor.

While linebacker Avery does not break the world record for heaviest baby -- that goes to a baby born weighing 22 pounds in 1879 -- he did set a record for the heaviest baby born in St. Joseph's Women's Hospital's 30-plus year history. And since problems can sometimes occur with babies that big -- Avery had some difficulty breathing at first -- he's done a stint in NICU, although the family expects him to head home in the next few days.

Better get a big crib!

Would you have chosen to give birth naturally with a baby this big?


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