Moms Take Up Collection at School for Kids' Extravagant Birthday Gifts

email from moms about daughters birthday giftsKids' birthday parties seem to take on lives of their own. From the intricate invitations to the DIY goodie bags, Pinterest-loving parents seem to up the ante with each passing year. But every now and then, we'll get a pure gem of a request. This time, it comes in the form of an email, in which two moms requested (read: demanded) that all attendees contribute to a collection to buy their children gifts.


An Instagram user (who goes by myleeneklass) posted the hilariously transparent email she received from two school moms. And you have to see it to believe it:

1/2 FYI I have changed the names etc, but this landed in my #inbox #bonkers

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Yes. And sadly, this is no joke.

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Thankfully, Myleene had an equally sassy response of her own. Naturally, it's the only way to approach an email like this. Take a look at her reply:

2/2 My reply. #sent

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Preach, Mom, preach!

Let's look past that obvious humblebrag ("very studious choices!!") and all acknowledge one thing: gifts are, by definition, voluntary. Sure, they're common practice and socially expected, but they are gifts. Gifts that are given with no expectation of something in return and purely out of the goodness of one's own heart. They're not required and are definitely not opportunities for solicitation.

Let's put those collection plates away, all right?

"Thanx and no obligation of course." Well, let's hope.

Do you think these moms were right for sending an email like this?


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