Bus Driver 'Abandons' Bratty Kids in the Middle of Nowhere -- Can You Blame Her?

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As any mom knows, driving a car full of kids even a short distance is no easy task. So you can imagine how a school bus driver might be tempted to walk off the job. In fact, one driver in the Columbia-Brazoria, Texas, school district did just that. She was so fed up she literally pulled over, walked off the bus, and left more than 20 elementary school children stranded along the roadside for more than 30 minutes. 


A fifth-grader named Haleigh recalled the incident that had kids frightened and parents furious:

She was driving and she slammed on the brakes really hard and she unbuckled her seat belt and she was like, 'I'm done!' and she just walked off the bus.

Yikes! That's pretty harsh, right? But honestly, haven't we all been there? Whether your kids are bickering about SpongeBob, who gets to ride shotgun, or the song on the radio, sometimes the antics going on behind you make it really tough to focus on the road ahead of you. 

There have been times when I've pulled over and refused to continue driving until my unruly brood quieted down. (Note: This is most effective if you're on your way to a birthday party or other super-fun destination. When I've tried this on the way to the grocery store, it had far less impact.)

But my point is this: Driving is serious and it's incredibly hard to concentrate when there's absolute mayhem happening in your minivan. So you can only imagine what's going on inside a school bus. Sometimes you pass one and it looks like a frat party on wheels. 

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My kids report all sorts of crazy goings-on that take place on their school buses, ranging from the time-to-alert-the-principal porn sharing and twerking to the more-innocent-but-still-dangerous body surfing over the seats and dodge ball games that make use of whatever fruit moms have packed for snack. 

While I'm not saying what this school bus driver did was right by any stretch of the imagination, that is not a job for the faint of heart. There aren't many details about what "drove" her to get off the bus, but we can probably guess. Again, not that this was an ideal move, but still, it's better that she just pulled over and cooled off rather than hit an oncoming car or drive the bus into a tree. She stayed outside and waited until a backup driver arrived, which is probably better than a lot of other possible outcomes. She could've forced all the kids to get off the bus and driven away -- alone -- something parents often threaten to do on road trips.

Though the district placed the driver on leave, ultimately she resigned. Now you can't help but wonder if these children will be perfectly behaved for their new driver.

Do you think this driver should face charges for what she did or do you understand her actions? 

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