Woman With 2 Wombs Beats the Odds to Give Birth​​

woman with two wombs has baby boyAfter suffering four miscarriages and years of heartache, a woman from Derry, Ireland, has given birth to a healthy baby despite her extremely rare condition. Leona Doherty, 35, always wanted a big family and began trying to conceive at the age of 21. When she was unable to become pregnant, she consulted a doctor who delivered devastating news -- she was born with two wombs, two vaginas, and two cervixes, cutting her chances of conceiving in half. 


That diagnosis would destroy just about any woman who's always looked forward to becoming a mom. Somehow, despite that crushing blow, Doherty says she never lost faith. 

And thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, the couple's dream has come true. Because of her unique circumstances, Leona had a stitch put in her cervix midway through her pregnancy and received anti-clotting medication that allowed her to carry a child, who was delivered by C-section. They are now parents to a 5-pound 9-ounce boy named Hugh.

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What would have once been considered impossible is now conceivable (pun intended) because of the wonder of science and constant medical advancements, which is wonderful news for women who may have been told they'd never be able to have children of their own.

Any woman who'd like to become a mom but isn't usually has to endure those, "So, why don't you have any kids?" questions. Imagine how painful and awkward it must've been for Leona Doherty? It's not like she could have easily explained her condition to anyone, but the new mom shared some hard-won words of wisdom that could offer comfort to others who've received troubling diagnoses:

Always have faith and hope. Despite everything I honestly believe that there’s always something good at the end of it.

Do you know any women who've defied a diagnosis? What happened?


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