911 Operator Risks His Job to Save Toddler's Life​

Aidan WalkerA quick-thinking 911 dispatcher, who put his own job in jeopardy to save the life of a toddler, is being hailed as a hero. When Galax, Virginia, Police Department Dispatcher Tim Webb received a frantic call from Melissa Grable saying her 17-month-old son wasn't breathing, he made the life-saving judgment call to talk the terrified mom through CPR.


With the nearest ambulance 20 minutes away from the Grables' home, Webb chose to violate his station's rules, which prevent dispatchers from giving out CPR information over the phone because the department lacks the proper certification. The courageous man explains his decision: 

Without some sort of life-saving measures, the child would expire. I wasn’t gonna let that happen, even if it meant being reprimanded.

Thankfully, Webb put this child and his family above his own concerns and he should be commended for it.

It also makes us realize just how important it is for every parent -- and even babysitters -- to be prepared should they, heaven forbid, ever need to perform these life-saving measures.

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Moms are so busy taking care of day-to-day life that it's really easy to forget to take a class that's as important as this one. Sometimes all it takes is one really big reminder ... this story is that reminder. This story could've had a heartbreaking outcome had that call gone to someone else who didn't know CPR or wasn't willing to risk his job.

Our kids are too important to ever take that kind of chance.


To find out about CPR classes in your area, visit the American Red Cross' website.

Do you know CPR? Have you ever had to use it? 

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