​​Barber's Photo of Kid's Humiliating Haircut Goes Viral, Despite Internet's 'Outrage'​

boy getting haircut

When kids misbehave, parents have a range of ways to mete out punishment, from time-outs to curbing coveted privileges (iPad, anyone?). But a barber at A-1 Cuts named Russell Fredrick -- AKA "Master Barber Rusty Fred" -- has come up with a far more original penance: give them a balding "old man" haircut called the "Benjamin Button Special."


Here's a glimpse of the cut from the back to give you an idea:

old man haircut

Frederick, a dad of three in Snellville, Georgia, says he decided to promote the hairstyle after he gave it to his 12-year-old son and saw the boy's grades skyrocket. So he posted a photo of the cut on Instagram accompanied by the text: "So you wana [sic] act grown ... well now you can look grown too."

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Since then, news of this haircut has spread far and wide -- along with face shots of one sad-looking kid with the cut. At first, I'll admit: my kneejerk reaction was that this is hilarious! Then I was horrified. Just think of how much this kid got picked on at school. Whatever trouble he caused -- a C in math? -- the punishment here does not fit the crime.

Various media outlets questioned the need to humiliate a kid with this haircut as well. Mommyish called it an "awful" idea; Jezebel was dubious it would actually teach kids right from wrong. Even so, though, that didn't stop them from showing full facial photos of the boy. Er, doesn't that make them complicit in this shame-athon, heaping even more embarrassment on this poor kid?

All I can say is it seems hypocritical to decry the haircut as humiliating, then also show photos of the boy. I just hope these pics don't haunt him forever.

Do you think it's wrong to publicly humiliate your kids -- with a haircut, embarrassing photos, or otherwise?

Image via Levent Konuk/shutterstock

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