Measles Vaccine & Pregnancy: What Moms-to-Be Need to Know​

woman getting a vaccineFrom cutting off their vices to meticulously tracking their ovulation, women have plenty of things to worry about as they try to conceive. And now they have something brand new to add to their ever-evolving list. Doctors from the Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine are now recommending that women trying to become pregnant should get a measles vaccine.


If contracted during pregnancy, measles can cause major complications for both mom and baby. Women are more likely to get pneumonia, and risk for premature labor increases.

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But if you were waiting until pregnancy to get the vaccine, doctors strongly recommend against it.

Even if you were immunized as a child, that does not mean you're protected.

According to Neil S. Silverman, a spokesman for the SMFM, the idea time to get the vaccine is before conceiving because the vaccine cannot be safely given once a woman is already pregnant. It can, however, be given after the baby has been born, but is more effective and safe long before pregnancy.

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Most recently, the respiratory disease has been on the rise and in the news after a major outbreak among kids at Disneyland. It has since led to nationwide debates and plenty of pro- and anti-vax arguments.

So if you're even starting to think about maybe having a baby, let this be one of the first steps in the process.

Have you gotten a measles booster shot?


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