Mom of 6 Gets Breast Surgery to Be a Better Example to Her Daughters

woman hugging herselfA mother of six who has size FF artificially enhanced breasts just went in for her fourth breast surgery. But this time was different. This time she says she got breast surgery to be a better example for her daughters.


And this time she got a reduction.

Gemma, 32, got her first implants when she was in her early 20s because she felt insecure about her A-cup figure. She didn't feel like a "proper woman" at that size. So, she says, "I said to the surgeon, 'I want the biggest you can put in.' I thought once I had a boob job, all my problems would be solved and I'd feel amazing."

Ah yes, insecurity. The intense emotion that keeps plastic surgeons in business.

But Gemma went too far with the implants. Now she feels differently about her breasts. "I absolutely hate them," she confesses on the British TV show, Bodyshockers. "They just look like two bald men's heads down my top ... They look comical."

She hates how self-conscious she's become with her figure because it's all anyone sees when she enters a room -- and her husband isn't a fan of all the attention the "two bald men under her top" get, either.

More importantly, she feels like having implants, especially such large ones, are a bad example for her daughters, Sky (10) and Pearl (5). Oh how things change when we have kids, right? "It worries me that I may have normalized massive breast implants to my daughters," Gemma admits.

Yikes! And those big implants are interfering with the big life lessons she wants to teach Sky and Pearl. "How can I tell them to love themselves as they are when I'm here with massive breast implants," she asks. "I want to show them a woman is much more than a pair of breasts."

So Gemma had the huge implants removed and is much happier now with her natural-looking D-cups. (Still not her original size, but I imagine the rest of her body is different from her A-cup days as well.)

We're always hearing about women who get implants after they have kids. Pregnancy can do a number on your breasts, and many women struggle to feel feminine and beautiful after the physical changes of motherhood.

But how amazing that one mom went the other way. She lost perspective in her youth -- and she regained it once she had girls of her own. She realized what most moms realize: That the world does not revolve around you and your body insecurities.

And even though it's your body, and you're free to do what you want with it, your body affects your relationships with other people. Gemma's implants were affecting her marriage and her role as a mother. If only she could go back in time and warn her younger self how she'd feel about all of this later on! But I guess that's part of the whole process. We don't have all the answers when we're young. Thank goodness some decisions are reversible.

Have you ever made a major change to your body you later regretted?


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