Measles Outbreak Heats Up Vaccine Debate: 10 Best Tweets on the Subject

baby getting vaccinatedWhile parents have been debating vaccines for years, the controversial topic has become quite a hot-button issue as of late. Politicians, celebrities, and doctors have been openly contesting immunizations and their effects, especially in light of the recent Disneyland measles outbreak. But as usual, the most active and most boisterous crowd is online, and they're all making their stance known.


So to get the best and most heated statements, we took to Twitter, the place of unbounded thoughts and limited characters. And here's what we found!

The pro-vaccine community has also stepped up its efforts to spread their message. Here are some of its most popular statements:

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Meanwhile, the anti-vax community has long questioned the effectiveness of vaccines. And now, they're letting everyone hear it. Here are some of the most passionate and unwavering statements from the anti-vax crowd:

Where do you stand in the vaccine debate?


Image via Dmitry Lobanov/shutterstock

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