​​School Humiliates 6-Year-Old By Making Her Wear a Diaper


It's a fact: accidents happen in elementary school -- meaning accidents that require a change of underwear. Yet after one 6-year-old named Chloee recently peed her pants in music class at her elementary school in Tarpon Springs, Florida, teachers added insult to injury by dressing this 6-year-old in a diaper instead.


Talk about humiliating! Understandably, poor Chloee doesn't want to go back to school -- particularly since the accident happened because she wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom. And Chloee's mom, Goldie Kingett, was irate when she picked up her daughter later that day to find her in the diaper and a boys' pair of pants.

School administrators argued that when kids have accidents, they use whatever's available to dress them in dry clothes -- and that may include pull-ups if underwear is not available.

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Sure, I get that it may be an inconvenience for teachers to have to deal with rustling up underwear and fresh pants. But come on, let's have a little compassion for these kids! Diapers just turn them into sitting targets for teasing. Couldn't Chloee have just worn the pants and called it a day?

I hope this school ditches their diaper policy before more kids end up in Chloee's shoes.

Do you think kids who have accidents at school should have to wear diapers?


Image via Thanamat Somwan

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