Pediatrician's Viral Rant Slams Anti-Vaxxers for 'Magical' Beliefs


The vaccine wars are heating up lately, with parents on both sides stridently arguing their case ... only how do doctors feel? Well, according to a rant on The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, one pediatrician named Mike Ginsberg has issued an ultimatum: vaccinate or leave my office.


Check out this doc's full rant -- and reasons -- below:

This doc doesn't mince words, huh? And I have to say he does a good job of putting anti-vaxxers in their place, pointing out how there are kids sitting in his waiting room with "true" health issues that prevent them from getting vaccinated and, as a result, could die due to these parents' "magical" belief that their unvaxxed kids are "special." Ouch!

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And in my mind, this doctor has a right to say no to anti-vaxxers because, well, it's his office -- and also his responsibility to do whatever he can to preserve the health of his patients. If anti-vaxxers don't like it, they can take their germy kids elsewhere!

I wish this doctor (or someone like him) had a practice near me; I'd take my daughter there in a heartbeat. Because I, for one, hate taking my daughter into a doctor's office filled with coughing, sneezing kids. Wouldn't it be nice to know that that snotty toddler in the seat next to us didn't just infect my child with the flu, measles, or some other contagious disease?

I hope more pediatricians follow in Dr. Ginsberg's footsteps and broadcast their pro-vaccine policy with pride. Parents will flock to them, me included.

Do you think doctors have a right to ban anti-vaxxers from their office?


Image via JPC-PROD/shutterstock; Mike Ginsberg/Skeptic's Guide to the Universe

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