Dog Guards Owner's Baby Bump Like It's 20 Pounds of Bacon & Then Some (VIDEO)

dog protecting pregnant womanWelcoming a new member into the family affects everyone. From parents to children, siblings, and grandparents, everyone senses the changes when Mom's expecting a new baby. And the same goes for pets. And the latest viral video shows just how protective dogs can get over an expecting mom.


The video has had thousands of hits, but the response has been completely mixed. Take a look at the short clip:

Obviously, the pup has taken on the "protective guard dog" role in the household. He's protecting his pregnant owner from anything and anyone (including her boyfriend and the baby's father), and that's all sweet and admirable.

Many pets experience a surge in protectiveness when their owners are more vulnerable. And clearly, he's just looking out for Momma.

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But then what happens when the baby is born? Of course it's cute and sweet, but while it may be great when Mom's pregnant, it's not so precious once baby comes along. It's responsible dog ownership and sensible parenting to prep the dog for the arrival of the baby.

Dominant behavior and aggressive reactions (though he didn't bite his owner, he did attack with his teeth) are not safe around newborns. And that's an important change to make before the baby's arrival.

Were your dogs protective of you when you were pregnant?


Image via tkuth80/YouTube

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